About Us

14 Januari 2019 Admin

When Lifeway School opened in 2015, it had just 4 kids enrolled when it began its educational program. Lifeway uses accelerated Christian education (ACE) as its primary curriculum and operates under the auspices of Rumah Pintar Lifeway as its operational permit. As a result of its continued growth, in 2020, Lifeway's operational permit was changed to PKBM Lifeway.

In order for students to grow and develop both their academic abilities and character in a balanced way, Lifeway School collaborates with parents and involves them in the learning process. The school's programs were developed in conjunction with Christian teachers who are highly committed and dedicated to the field of education.


Nurturing godly people with christianity value to form competence, smart, skilled,independent, virtuous and creative future generation to  become blessings for others.


  1. Serving facilities and infrastructure for qualified society
  2. Equiping education and life skill to build skilled, creative and innovative man power
  3. Developing skilled and adaptive behaviors
  4. Provides Character fundamental education to create virtuous personality to be a blessings to others


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