01 November 2023

THE Learning Tool for Today

The A.C.E. School of Tomorrow® program is used by schools and homeschoolers worldwide to train their students. The K–12 Bible-based curriculum, student programming, and professional development comprise the A.C.E. program. While other publishers have been promoting academic curriculum, none have created a character package as transformative as A.C.E. A God-centered, loving, and absolute atmosphere is the best for intellectual growth of children. They leave with a more positive outlook and a deeper understanding of God and His will for their lives.

Academic Achievement

One of the main advantages of A.C.E. School of Tomorrow® is academic achievement. With exceptional achievement, A.C.E. program graduates are enrolled in more than 1,400 colleges and institutions worldwide.

The student is introduced to new skills in a sequential manner through a spiral of content in conventional educational programs. Students are locked into groups based on chronological order, which means they are taught the same content at the same time. Students' natural learning rates, however, may not always align with those of their peers, nor do they always possess the same level of maturity as others of a similar age. The above-average student may take up the talent completely the first time he is exposed to it, the average student may pick it up partially, and the below-average student frequently only understands parts of it or doesn't understand it at all. Some students stay ahead of the curve as it continues, while others fall behind temporarily or permanently.

The A.C.E. program has a unique structure that focuses on developing skill upon skills. The scope and sequencing start with the initial skill that needs to be mastered and go continuously, disregarding the idea of grade level. Students can advance quickly or take as long as needed to grasp the topic, depending on their abilities and degree of motivation.

The student is far better equipped to learn because he has mastered the skill on the previous level, which helps him go higher, level by level, and into new concepts. Until he has grasped every idea, he cannot go forward. He learns independently and thoroughly before moving on, rather than following in the footsteps of his peers. A.C.E. uses a special effective method.

Why the A.C.E Program Works

The Forgotten Biblical Mandate, which God gave us in the Holy Scriptures, is accomplished with the support of churches and parents through the A.C.E. program. The self-instructional curriculum offered by A.C.E. imparts godly character and covers all the fundamental academic subjects. These seven fundamental principles can be used to sum up the reasons behind the success of the A.C.E. program:

  1. Integration of Biblical Principles (Scripture memory, wisdom principles)

  2. Godly Character Training (A.C.E. characters, 90 character traits of Christ)

  3. Mastery-Based Learning

  4. Built-In Reinforced System of Learning

  5. Individualized Learning

  6. Development of Critical Thinking Skills

  7. Socialization

Used worldwide and proven to be effective now for over 50 years, it is understandable why A.C.E. is known as THE learning tool for today—and the future!

Berita Terkini